1-25 Training Principles

1-25 Training Principles - KIN 310 Training Principles...

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KIN 310 Training Principles Training principles Principles of training What are they? How do you use them to train? How do they affect designing effective workouts? Why train? What reasons do you have for training? General training principles Specificity Overload Rest/recovery adaptation Progression Plateu or reversibility Maintenance Individualization Warm-up/cool-down ****these apply to systems! Specificity SAID principle: Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demans ?: what is the goal? ?: what are the physiological requirements to meet that goal? Principle of specificity adaptations & improvements depend on the type of overload imposed and affect only the overloaded systems. Principle of specificity Specific exercise elicits specific adaptations, creating specific training effects in the specific system trained What are these girls working? Principle of specificity: application Training one metabolic/physiologic system doesn’t translate to training a different system Ex: aerobic training leads to improvement in the cardiovascular system Principle of specificity: application Distance swimming vs distance running: how do you train? Principle of specificity: application Two activities affecting the same metabolic system: best to train in the activity you will be 1
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KIN 310 Training Principles performing (or one a similar neuromuscular usage) Principle of specificity:application Strength training one muscle doesn’t necessarily translate to a different muscle. Which muscles get stronger with a bicep curl?
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1-25 Training Principles - KIN 310 Training Principles...

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