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Aerobic Fitness Exam Review (01)

Aerobic Fitness Exam Review (01) - Study Guide Aerobic...

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Study Guide: Aerobic Training 1. What is aerobic metabolism? a. Takes place within muscle cells in specialized, subcellular structures called mitochondria. 2. What metabolic pathways are involved in aerobic metabolism? 3. What is aerobic capacity? a. Maximal oxygen consumption 4. How does specificity of training apply to training for aerobic fitness? a. FITT 5. What are the three factors that get manipulated to produce progressive overload? a. Frequency, Intensity, Time 6. Usually, aerobic intensity is based upon percentage of VO2 Max which can be inferred by using HRmax or Rating of Perceived exertion 7. The minimum threshold for aerobic training for fitness is 50 to 85% of maximal oxygen uptake with an upper intensity of ______% of maximal oxygen uptake. This minimum to upper limit range is equal to 65 to 90 % of heart rate maximum. 8. Most aerobic training should be done between the perceived exertion of somewhat hard to ___hard_____.
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