Energy Systems Exam Review (01)

Energy Systems Exam Review (01) - ENERGY SYSTEMS STUDY...

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ENERGY SYSTEMS STUDY NOTES 1. What is energy? What types of energy are there? a. The capacity or ability to do work b. Chemical, mechanical, heat, light, electrical, and nuclear 2. Human movement is performed by taking the chemical energy in food and transforming it into mechanical energy. 3. What chemical compound is made from the breakdown of food that allows the cells of the body to work? a. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) 4. Describe the chemical compound ATP in simple terms. a. Stored chemical energy linking the energy-yielding & energy-requiring functions of all cells 5. What is used to manufacture ATP – how does your body produce it? a. Food (carbs, fat, protein) – brokes down and energy is used 6. What are the systems for ATP production in the body? a. Phosphagen system – ATP-PC system b. Anaerobic respiration – lactic acid system c. Aerobic respiration – oxidative system 7. How does anaerobic metabolism differ from aerobic metabolism? a. ATP production through chemical reactions that require NO oxygen 8. Describe the chemical compound phosphocreatine in simple terms. a. PCr is broken down releasing phosphate and energy, which is then used to rebuild ATP b. Size of PCr storage depends on size, diet, muscle mass, and how you train. 9. How much energy is produced by the ATP-PC system? (A lot or a little?) a. a little 10. How many seconds of all out exercise will the ATP-PC system support? a. 3-5 and up to 10-15 seconds 11. Give some examples of activities that will use predominately the ATP-PC system. a.
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Energy Systems Exam Review (01) - ENERGY SYSTEMS STUDY...

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