Mexican Revolution The Mexican revolution was brought on by

Mexican Revolution The Mexican revolution was brought on by...

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Mexican Revolution The Mexican revolution was brought on by, among other factors, tremendous disagreement among the Mexican people over the dictatorship of President Porfirio D az. ( This disagreement provided a hostile environment in which the citizens of the lower class were discontent and many prominent figures rebelled against D az. This kind of environment plus the growing discontent of the majority class, lead to many revolts and coups that brought violence into the foreground of Mexican culture. Violence was frequent throughout the revolution and continued to the very end. This is where the Mexican revolution differs from others. During the final years of the revolution, things did not reach a real period of stability because of continual civilian disapproval and spontaneous fighting among revolutionaries and the Mexican government. Other than this period, the Mexican revolution follows the pattern of revolutions. The mistreatment of the majority class, the revolutionaries strong views and violent natures, and the overall failure to meet the needs of the Mexican citizens by the government were the catalysts for a violent revolution to come. D az was a big reason that a revolution was necessary in Mexico, but in his first 10 years as President, he made great advancements in society to better Mexico as a country. When D az came into power he focussed his presidential efforts towards making Mexico a part of the modern world. He believed strongly that Mexico s future depended on the modernization of society and foreign investment. D az headed the building of the nation s railway network and took steps towards increasing foreign trade markets for Mexico s mineral and agricultural products. While Mexico greatly prospered under his rule, D az lost sight of the average citizen and
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