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Carbon Dioxide Respiratory gases

Carbon Dioxide Respiratory gases - Carbon Dioxide...

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Carbon Dioxide Respiratory gases-oxygen and carbon dioxide moves between air and blood in the lungs. The structure of the human lung provides immense internal surface that facilitates gas exchange between the alveoli and the blood in the pulmonary capillaries. Respiratory gases move between the environment and the respiring tissues by two principal mechanisms, convention and diffusion. Convention is responsible for movement of air from the environment into the lungs and also for the movement of the blood between the lungs and the tissue. Diffusion moves many gases across tissue barriers such as membranes. One of the gases that diffusion moves is called the ? Respiratory Gas ? . Diffusion is the process of which gases are transported between the air and the blood in the lungs and between the blood and respiring tissue in the body. The process of diffusion is also driven by the difference in partial pressures between two locales. There are large changes in the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide as these gases move between air and the respiring tissues.
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