Since 1988 Australia has changed quite a bit

Since 1988 Australia has changed quite a bit - Since 1988...

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Unformatted text preview: Since 1988 Australia has changed quite a bit, one would hope it was for the better and it looks that way. As Australians we have become more health conscious and we have stopped being ashamed of our multiculturalism. There are three domains where change can be noticed the most. These are: Environment, Culture and Social systems. In each of these domains over the past twelve years Australia has become more diverse in culture, richer in Environment and more giving and learned in Social systems. ENVIRONMENT From the mid twentieth century Australia has been a nation of people who flock to the beach on the weekends as a ritual. Everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of a radio station ? s car or truck to spray them in cooking oil so they could roast on the beach (quite literally). twelve Years on we have discovered such actions result in less than desirable outcomes and no longer do we wait for the car to spray us with cooking oil but to give us packets of sunscreen. We have made this step forward collectively so that our horrendous rate of death from skin cancer will hopefully sunscreen....
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