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Unformatted text preview: A driver's license for your teenager is a milestone and one of the biggest events in their young lives. The independence it gives them is wonderful, but can be quite frightening to a parent and can cause friction among the ranks. Teaching your teen to drive safely is a big undertaking and should not be taken lightly. Your teen ’s life and the other driver’s lives may depend on how well you get your teen ready for this responsibility. Your child will have to handle a lot of instructions and rules of the road. While learning these new skills he will be stressed, yet he may try to appear cool under pressure. While some kids are confident and can’t wait to get started, others are anxious and may have to be nudged a little. Either way, arguments may ensue so plan your strategy accordingly. Obviously, make sure that the vehicle they will be using is in tip-top condition regarding brakes , good tires, a well charged battery and an emergency kit on board. Establish rules ahead of time. If they will listen to you, there will be less yelling on both ends. on board....
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