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Communication: Strengths Weaknesses Pet Peeves WHY WE COMMUNICATE Physical needs Self esteem Social well-being Health Pleasure Affection Inclusion Relaxation Control Identity needs Practical/Instrumental goals Relationship communication : Why? To define assure reassure To convey your emotions, your point of view. To disagree, convince. To change each other (!) To get what you want. To problem-solve To improve the relationship “Genderlects” (Tannen) Men: see the world as a place of hierarchies. They feel they must maintain their positions. Therefore they may interpret your comments as challenges to their positions, and go into defense mode. Women: see the world as a network of interactions. Their goal is to form connections and avoid isolation. Men: Women: “report-talk” “rapport-talk” One speaker at a time. Speakers overlap, Your comment is an interweave. Okay as interruption. (But men long as you don’t interrupt more than change subject or women do!) overtake 1 st speaker.
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Men More slang More business/report talk Time, space, quantity, destructive actions, physical movements, objects Use more hostile verbs Women More supportive, polite expressive Home, family, feelings, interpretations, psychological states Opinions often end with a ? Use more disclaimers (“I may be wrong, but. ..”) Use more hedge words (sort of, kind of, maybe) Use more emoticons Nonverbals Provide information (especially to those who know you) Express intimacy Social control (getting what you want) Presentational function (look good even if you’re furious) Service-task function (your doctor’s eye-contact is not what your lover’s is) Facial expressions don’t always tell the truth.
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Communication - Communication: Strengths Weaknesses Pet...

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