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Exam 2 Readings (Naturally, all lecture material is used on the exam). These are listed in the order in which they appear on the syllabus, more or less. Sexual Identity: Lecture material. SIS and SES. A Model of Coming Out Gay and Lesbian Parents, Same-Sex Parents (the latter is in a “colored box”) Ch. 8: All the colored boxes (this means the colored boxes on the textbook pages. e.g. “Personal Voices,” “Sex in Real Life,” etc.) What Children Need to Know: Sexuality Education Ch. 9: Interracial Dating Marriage and African-American Women Cohabitation; Marriage: Happy Ever After? Divorce: Whose Fault or No Fault? Eye-Rolling, Marriage, and Divorce Extramarital Affairs: “It Just Happened” Open Marriages: Sexual Adventuring Jealousy (lecture), including the sociobiological/evolutionary psychology perspective)
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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 7: The Roseto Effect Lee’s Colors of Love “Attraction” and “Attraction in Different Cultures” Love, Sex, and how We Build Intimate Relationships Communication: from lecture Ch. 10: Other Models of Sexual Response Asian-American Sexuality You should be familiar with all the technique terms Carroll defines in the margins. Ch. 14: Sexual Dysfunctions: primary, secondary, situational, global NPT Sexual Pain Disorders Ch. 17: Sexual Coercion Rape on Campus Sexual Abuse of Children Intimate Partner Violence From the articles: “LGBTQ,” etc. – Why is (H) in parentheses? Labeling & stigmatizing; “Focus on Homophobia” section. “All of the Reasons People Have Sex:” Visceral, Relational, Substitute; What Dr. Liebowitz said. “Limited Resources:” covariance of intimacy & passion; How to keep passion alive in the long term....
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