Sexual Identity - Sexual Identity Quickly, without...

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Sexual Identity Quickly, without thinking, list 10 words about WOMEN. And then 10 words about MEN. Now list 10 words that come to mind about SEXY. What are the qualities you would like in a short-term lover? How about someone for the long term? What would you say is your best quality as a lover? About porn . Good? Bad? What do you think? When it comes to sex, what are some things people should feel guilty about? What’s your opinion of chastity ? Under what circumstances would you practice it? When is honesty not the best policy? Choose 5 factors you WANT in your sexual relationship, rank order 1-5 (1=most important). Choose 5 factors you DON’T WANT and rank-order them. 1. Age 18. Reciprocity 2. Attraction 19. Religion 3. Commitment 20. Respect 4. Companionship 21. Security 5. Consideration 22. A 3 rd partner 6. Contraception 23. Trust 7. Dependence 24. Experimentation 8. Equality 25. Pressure 9. Expectations 26. Dominance 10. Feeling at ease 27. Communication 11. Honesty 28. Variety 12. Interdependence 29. Frequency 13. Jealousy 30. Appearance 14. Love 31. Humor 15. Openness 32. Intelligence
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Sexual Identity - Sexual Identity Quickly, without...

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