SexualMalfunctions-outline - SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION Recall Dr....

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SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION Recall Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan's 3 Stages of Sexual Response: DESIRE EXCITEMENT ORGASM low or absent erection/ premature/ lubrication inorgasmic Mostly physical or psychological? Situational? Lifelong? Biological? Generalized? Acquired? Neurological? Psychological? Conflict? Anxiety? CAUSES OF SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS: ORGANIC: hormonal, vascular (blood flow), chemical (from neurotransmitters to too much beer) , neurological; diabetes (vascular) prostate surgery (nerve damage) syphilis (damages spinal cord) MS (damages myelin sheath) kidney disease, hypertension, cancer, emphysema, heart disease, endocrine/testosterone problems; low nitric oxide (nitric oxide comes in contact with muscles surrounding the penile blood vessels, allowing vasocongestion) - can be treated with injections to penis Hormonal? Vascular? Medications? (b.p. meds, antidepressants, antianxiety meds) Erectile dysfunction (“Ed”): Can't get or keep erection. Do your NPT test (nocturnal penile tumescence). Premature or delayed ejaculation. Treatments: Psychological/Relational Pharmacological (Viagra, etc.) Hormonal Intracavernous Vacuum constriction (don’t forget the EROS-CTD) Surgical implants
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SexualMalfunctions-outline - SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION Recall Dr....

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