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Need to Know for Test 45 Multiple Choice Questions Chapters 4, 6, 9 and Introduction to Database Systems Notes (on web page) or Ch 4 in Acc 304 textbook (Romney/Steinbart) DDL, DML, DQL Cardinalities (Min and Max) p55 Typification and Generalization in Chapter 4 p55 Ch. 9 Exercise, Ch. 4 Exercise, Ch 6 exercise Advantages and Disadvantages of databases (in Notes) Hierarchial Database Network Database Relational Database Concatenated or Composite Key and Relationship Attributes p54 REA Core Pattern--Chapter 4 p62 Types of Relationships--Chapter 9 Ch. 6- Difference between a conceptual, logical, and physical structure
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Unformatted text preview: • Null Values- Empty with no data • Primary and Foreign Keys • What is redundancy-duplicate we want more load less redundancy, load, how to link tables- start with maximum cardinality rules for linking (they deal with redundancy considerations) and then move to minimum when dealing with load. o Maximum card = redundancy o Minimum card = load • Referential integrity, entity integrity • Five types of events for the purchasing process- instigation, commitment, purchase, cash disbursements, returns p82...
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