new REA Database Guidelines-- purchasing

new REA Database Guidelines-- purchasing - Project 3 100...

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Project 3 – 100 pts. 1. Design the Acquisition/Payment AIS for a retail establishment of your group’s choosing. Write a 10 to 15 page narrative describing your purchasing procedures, your store, your supplier credit policies, product, pricing, inventory tracking and costing, REA events, business process rules (cardinalities)--anything that would aid in our understanding of the acquisition/purchasing process of your business. Explain all events in the narrative (helps the design of tables). 2. Design REA model complete with cardinalities and links on paper or in Excel. Then, implement your model completely into Access. The links and model on the paper should match the ones in Access. (REF. the model in Ch. 9 pg 263) If the links on your group’s REA model do not match the Access implementation, the project receives no credit. You design the model. If you change something in Access, it is up to you to go back and change it on the REA model. 3. Design data in all tables (able to use pictures). Make the database professional. a. Inventory table should be at least 250 records—research into inventory attributes adds points to the score. The vendor table must be at least 100 records. Event tables should have at least 100 records per table, except for
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new REA Database Guidelines-- purchasing - Project 3 100...

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