Practice question Tina's Toys

Practice question Tina's Toys - Given the following...

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Given the following narrative description for Tina's Toy Factory (TTF): a. Create a business process level REA model in either grammar or diagram format, for the following TTF business process. Be sure to include all relevant entities, relationships, attributes, and cardinalities (minimum and maximum). b. Convert your business process level model into a set of minimal relational database tables. Be sure to identify primary and foreign keys in the relational tables. Tina's Toy Factory (TTF) is a very busy company where employees work very hard to make enough toys to satisfy consumer demand. Tina, the CEO, has asked you to design a conceptual model from which a database may be implemented using the REA ontology. In order to build many different toys, TTF's employees determine the different raw material types that are required. For example, paper is needed for sports cards and plastic is needed for Barbie Dolls and Wrestle Mania toys. When an employee determines a need for new raw materials he or she initiates a requisition. A requisition cannot occur without an employee. During “busy season” (typically mid-August through mid-November because of additional volume needed for Christmas) TTF processes thousands of requisitions. Each requisition
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Practice question Tina's Toys - Given the following...

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