Quandrax Ch 9--no cards - A1 Quandrax Computers is a store...

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A1. Quandrax Computers is a store that buys computer components for low prices, assembles the components into computers, and then sells the computers at high prices. Each computer is assigned a unique identification number, and computers that have common configurations are categorized into types (e.g. Longitude is a laptop that is easily networked and is recommended for businesses, Element is a desktop that is intended for home and small businesses). Categories can be entered into the database before any computers in the categories are actually assembled. The computer components are purchased from wholesalers. One of Quandrax’s purchasing agents submits an order to the wholesaler that has listed a given component for sale. If the order is accepted, one of Quandrax’s inventory clerks receives the items. Multiple orders accepted by the same supplier may be consolidated into one purchase. Orders are accepted in their entirety or not at all. Nearly all of Quandrax’s orders are accepted. Sometimes the incorrect components are delivered to Quandrax and Quandrax has to return them to the appropriate supplier. Sometimes Quandrax returns components to suppliers for other reasons, such as the result of a change in planned production of a certain category of computers. Only about 10 percent of Quandrax’s purchased components are returned to suppliers, and any return would result from only one purchase. When payment is due for a purchase, one of Quandrax’s cashiers issues one check for payment in full for the items on that purchase. Sometimes if multiple purchases have been made from the same supplier within a short time, Quandrax pays for those purchases with just one check. One of Quandrax’s managers is required to not only authorize all purchase orders greater than $5,000 but also to sign all checks (including checks written for expenditures other than purchases of computer components). Quandrax needs to keep track of the managers’ participation in these events as well as the participation of other employees in
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Quandrax Ch 9--no cards - A1 Quandrax Computers is a store...

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