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Native American Studies R1B Fall 2011 Instructor: Jennifer Reimer, Ph.D Office: 512 Barrows Office Hours: Mondays 3:30-5:30 and by appointment Email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Native American Studies RBA aims to develop your critical thinking and writing skills while introducing you to contemporary issues in Native American writing. Through intensive discussion, reading, and writing you will practice the basic skills of critical inquiry and argument. In this course, we will take a comparative approach to the literature of the U.S. Southwest, reading literature by Native American and Chicano/a writers. We will compare and contrast how different writers represent the Southwest and discuss the significance of this iconic geography in American cultural-literary studies and the American public imagination. COURSE OBJECTIVES This course aims to develop your ability to plan/compose/revise a college essay and to expose students to contemporary writing by Native American and Chicano/a writers. Our focus in this course will be on developing overall essay organization skills, moving beyond the level of the paragraphs (R1A) to the structure of the essay itself. We will foster critical thinking and writing skills by modeling and practicing these skills in discussion, reading, and writing. We will establish a classroom environment that supports collaborative student learning through group presentations and peer-feedback workshops. By the end of the course, you should be able to: come up with and support an original argument with textual and outside evidence; identify several key themes in contemporary Southwest literature; interpret passages from a given text and discuss them in relation to the larger themes of the work; demonstrate this ability through written essays and response papers; effectively analyze your own writing and the work of your peers in workshop sessions; create group presentations on the subject matter; and plan/compose/revise a longer essay. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Participation & attendance (including in-class writing exercises and quizzes): 30% Weekly Response Papers (and personal essay) 15% Midterm New Media Project 10% Group Presentation: 10% In-class Essays (2): 15% Final Paper (including proposal, draft, peer-editing, revised final) 20%
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Participation/attendance You are expected to show up to each class meeting ON TIME prepared with comments and questions about the day’s material. Attendance is mandatory and attendance will be taken in every class. You are allowed two excused absences (doctor’s visit w/note, emergency, etc.). Further absences will result in a lower participation grade. When possible, students should email in advance of any absences. Participation includes
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NAS+R1B-1 - Native American Studies R1B Fall 2011...

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