Poop Plant - spills or illegal dumping. The primaries work...

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Poop Plant Garrett Koos The poop plant, aka the water treatment plant, takes in sewage water and sends out recycled water and disposes of less contaminated water than is originally brought in. This is done through several different processes, the first of which is the grates. The grates are these mini towers that go through the incoming sewage, which at this point is thick water filled with waste including feces, rope, strings, etc. The grate towers catch mainly rope or anything thick that might clog the machine. The debris get stored into a dumpster that has the smell to make a skunk turn its nose. From there the water gets sent to the primaries, which separates the fine materials from the liquid, such as sands and coffee beans. Enough people drink coffee to make it noticeable to the water treatment staff. They can not only tell what kind of debris is in the water, but they have investigators to look for where the spill came from in case of toxic
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Unformatted text preview: spills or illegal dumping. The primaries work by having still water where the sand and coffee beans sink to the bottom and water is at the top. From here the water goes to the biological sludge stage. In the baci court sized water tank, the water is filled, and organisms are in place to sweep through and eat all the bacteria out of the water. This sludge then sinks to the bottom in the secondary cleaners. This water is now considered to be cleaner than most lake water. The water can then be recycled and used for golf courses or lawns which will allow for more homeowners to come in because of the recycled water. The water plant also makes a lot of its own energy and then sells the energy back to PG&E to supplement its costs. There are misters on the top of towers and throughout the plant to help with odor. Overall, the poop plant is what I like to call, a once in a lifetime experience....
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