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Good! By Garrett Koos When good is looked at as an adjective, we can depict certain high moral standards, virtuousness, or honorable. So good can be looked at as a good act, or a good way of living, mainly by contributing through high moral standards into society. Genuine on the other hand shows authenticity, or in this case, shows one who does a good deed or lives a good life for the right reasons. The right reasons can be looked at as a good act where the person doing the act doesn’t expect anything in return. Is it possible to then achieve genuine goodness through a deed or even live with genuine good. If good is based on every factor in life including emotion, then it can be argued that there cant be genuine good. If emotion is involved then the satisfaction from doing a good deed would make the deed
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Unformatted text preview: not genuine. This is why the right reasons are looked at as “not expecting to receive anything in return,” even though things can be given. In order to commit a truly genuinely good act, the person has to not expect anything in return, including the positive emotion. It has to be an act that is done for the right reasons. For example, if someone decided to help an old lady cross the crosswalk, they would have to rid themselves of the expectation that something positive may happen out of the act. However, as a society, we punish what we define as bad behavior, and reward what we define as good behavior. This cultural training that is started at a very young age, the first time a mom gives her kid a reward because he cleaned his room, a simple task. The...
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