Altman asks - The Homogenization of Global Sex Effects on...

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The Homogenization of Global Sex Effects on Culture By Garrett Koos Altman asks, “Is the increasing globalization of the world understood as both (the compression of the world and intensification of consciousness of the world as a whole) affecting the ways in which sexuality is understood, experienced, and regulated? (Altman, Pg. 1) If we look at how global sex is being homogenized by American influence, we can see that the “as more of the world is drawn into the global economy, others find themselves following American cultural fashion.” (Altman, Pg. 29) This can clearly be seen in the movie “Bride and Prejudice,” as it discusses how global sex is being homogenized and the impact it has on cultures across the world both domestically and internationally. Altman discusses how the impetus of globalization is going to break down existing taboo’s (for example, the very high premium on premarital virginity for women) and lead to gradual convergence of sexual behavior across different societies. (Altman, Pg. 38) An example of this is shown during “Bride and Prejudice.” During a wedding scene, Lahki Bakshi gets criticized for “texting” to boys by her sister; claiming that this would cause the rest of the sisters to have bad reputations because of a text. (Chadra, 2004) This shows just how much global sex is being homogenized into different cultures. Something that is thought of as a form of communication is not looked at the same as different cultures, yet at least. Altman states, “we need to be aware of assuming that growing homogenization of consumption makes for the eradication of national – or local – cultural differences.” (Altman, Pg. 32) The thought of countries sinking more and more into convergence globally as whole destroys what defines us culturally. In the movie “Bride and Prejudice,” Lalita is at a wedding talking to Darcy about his hotel business. Darcy’s complaining about the electricity in his hotel, and says, “There’s nothing wrong with having standards is there?” Lalita responds to this saying “No, as long as you don’t impose them on others.” (Chadra, 2004) This is what is happening to our world through globalization, or as Altman says, “globalization is a shorthand for a whole series of influences that are altering not just evens on a large scale, but the very tissue of our everyday lives.” (Altman, Pg. 39) This would suggest that cultures might start to blend, which is shown again and again in the movie “Bride and Prejudice.” To an extreme, but possibility with the rate of
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Altman asks - The Homogenization of Global Sex Effects on...

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