Sex has always been an important aspect in the world

Sex has always been an important aspect in the world - 3Sex...

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3Sex has always been an important aspect in the world. It has been the root of creation. According to Dennis Altman (2001), institutions and ideologies which link sex and politics are being globalize (Global sex, p. 9). There are many different sources that have heavily contributed to the globalization of sex. The media is perhaps one of the largest and widely accessible institutions. That makes it a key part in the globalization of sex. Monsoon Wedding, as part of the modern media, is a great example of media contributing to globalization. Monsoon Wedding is a source in the globalization of sex. According to Altman (2001), the homogenization of sex is leading to the belief that we are living through a period of collapsing moral values (p. 140). This is causing controversies about sex and a clash between tradition cultures and modern cultures. Within Monsoon wedding there are several of these so called clashes. A good example of tradition fighting globalization is when Aditi and Ria are arguing about marriage in the car ride to home (Monsoon wedding, 2001). Ria insists that Aditi is not ready for marriage and just letting her parents arrange her marriage, Aditi had only known her fiance for two weeks but Aditi insists upon setting down (Monsoon wedding, 2001). This portrays two different belief systems. Marriage is becoming less about family arrangement but about love (Altman, 2001, p 3.). Aditi is participating in a more traditional marriage, meaning that in Monsoon Wedding, tradition is still prominent within their society. The Indian sleeping arrangements in Monsoon wedding portray another adversity between tradition and globalization. In Aditi's parent's bedroom there are two beds meaning that Pimmi and Lalit, though married do not sleep in the same bed (Monsoon wedding, 2001). Likewise the girls also sleep separate from where the boys sleep (Monsoon wedding, 2001. This is a separation of men and woman which is a purely a traditional way of living (Altman, 2001, p 3). According to Global sex, in such traditional families men and woman exist in separate worlds (2001, p 3). A lot of times in traditional families, there is a constant emphasis on marriage and children. Ria and Dubey were both subjected to concerns about their single lifestyles (Monsoon wedding, 2001). Dubey's mother repeatedly insisted that she wanted a grandson before she died (Monsoon wedding, 2001). Altman (2001) describes that 5 societies regulate sex through religious and cultural prohibitions, ceremonies and rules, and practices that form part of everyday life, and constitute a gender system (p. 3). Not only does an
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Sex has always been an important aspect in the world - 3Sex...

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