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Ethical Analysis Assignment

Ethical Analysis Assignment - Ethical Analysis 20 points...

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Ethical Analysis 20 points Task: In our society we are constantly bombarded by persuasive appeals. Unfortunately, all too often these messages are backed by unethical practices. Searching the media (newspapers, internet, magazine articles, letters to the editor, etc.) locate two examples of persuasive attempts that you believe utilize unethical practices. Provide an analysis for each example that accomplishes the following three objectives: 1. Identification: Clearly identify or classify the type of ethical violation committed (inappropriate evidence – if so, how so?, deception/manipulation present, disrespect to opponent displayed – if so, how so?, inappropriate use of language, etc.). Often there will be more than just one violation found. Be clear in your explanation and categorization of what you’ve found. 2. Analysis: Include an analysis of the ethical violation, explaining how and why the approach used is inappropriate. Don’t merely state, “The evidence was bad.” You will
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