Garrett Koos Debate 12

Garrett Koos Debate 12 - Garrett Koos Debate 12/8/2010...

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Garrett Koos Debate 12/8/2010 This house believes that older (50+) is better than being young (16-26). Lawrence started off the debate by setting up, in my opinion, almost a non debatable definition, stating that better is defined by a more cognitive decision with better outcomes which was clarified by “a wiser decision based on more life experience.” To me this is like saying someone who is 15 years old can read better than a 2 year old, it’s a obvious statement that can not be refuted except by the exception. However, this worked to the Governments advantage because the Opposition agreed with this definition. Lawrence did a good job of showing that generally speaking, DUI rates are greater in the age range 16-26 than people over 50. The Vegas marriage causing higher divorce rates also did a good job showing that people in the ages 16-26 don’t always make the brightest decisions with the best outcomes. Joel went up and agreed with the definitions, which ends up hurting the opposition more than helping. Joel made some valid arguments, that being younger makes you more physically healthy, which is ironically another non-refutable statement. It was entertaining to hear him say the older you are, the more your brain starts to deteriorate. I think that Joel could’ve capitalized on this as far as decision making skills, because if your brains deteriorating then your decision making isn’t going to be as good as a non deteriorated brain. When Monica came in, she made the strongest statement in the entire debate by
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Garrett Koos Debate 12 - Garrett Koos Debate 12/8/2010...

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