Makeshift Budget - Unethical Tactics Garrett Koos Speech...

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Unethical Tactics Garrett Koos Speech 46, 9/7/2010 “Makeshift Budget” The article shows a lot of disrespect to the opposing side in several instances. For example, the statement “but perhaps Sacramento’s majority Democrats will deliberately keep their clanging budget-Kabuki dance going- again rejecting the common-sense tax and spending cuts desperately needed.” This is a direct attack on an opposing parties point of view. In this case, the Democrats point of view is being attacked and denigrated by calling it a Kabuki-dance, where it can be argued that Arnold is doing a Kabuki dance by not agreeing with democrats. In reality it’s a matter of conflicting points of view, which both sides are at a stand still as far as coming to an accomodation. Its also manipulative in the sense that its an attempt to call followers of the democratic party “inattentive voters. On top of the direct attack, inappropriate language is used in the form of a derogatory vocabulary including phrases such as “deliberately clanging budget- Kabuki dance.” Simply pointing out that the budgets haven’t been passed in a timely manner is sufficient rather than resorting to name calling or accusations that can easily be argued false. Throughout the article the writer uses several words to fabricate evidence
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Makeshift Budget - Unethical Tactics Garrett Koos Speech...

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