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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Introduction I. Attention-Getter – grab the audience’s interest ASAP II. Topic Introduction – what’s the subject matter? III. Connection with Audience – why is it important for the audience to listen to this subject matter? IV. Preview A. The Need B. The Satisfaction C. The Visualization D. The Call to Action Body I. The Need A. The size of the problem. 1. 2. B. Who it affects. 1. 2. C. Cause of the problem. II. The Satisfaction A. What needs to be done to solve the problem?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. 2. B. Whos going to do it? 1. 2. C. (when, where, how much money, etc) III. Visualization A. Who will it affect? 1. 2. B. How will it affect your audience specifically? IV. Call to Action A. B. (specifically tell us what you want your audience to do here) C. Conclusion I. Summary A. Need B. Satisfaction C. Visualization D. Call to Action II. Closure Statement...
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