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Persuasive Speech Assignment using Monroe's Sequence

Persuasive Speech Assignment using Monroe's Sequence -...

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Assignment: Persuasive Speech – Motivated Sequence Points: 25 Grade Factor: Org and Quality of Persuasive Appeal Pick a subject and topic of your choice, the less familiar the better. Also keep in mind that it helps if your topic is informative, challenging, and socially significant. Don't avoid controversial topics, but don't make it a goal to offend your listeners either. Your speech will most likely have to inform as well as persuade. Keep your audience in mind, what can you do to make your speech better relate to them? What position/attitudes/beliefs might they already hold toward your subject? Using the organizational pattern found in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, prepare a 5-6 minute persuasive speech. I am expecting to see clear distinction between all five components of the
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Unformatted text preview: Motivated Sequence. Development of each element is crucial in order to obtain persuasive success. • Your speech should probably have research and source citations to back up your claims. If you fail to do so then your ethos should be so established and validated that it renders the need for research meaningless (which is RARELY the case). • Speeches are to be delivered extemporaneously. Visual aids are encouraged but not required. • You will be given a 1-minute warning when there is 60 seconds remaining in your presentation. You will be cut off at 6 minutes into your presentation. All students must be ready to present their Persuasive Speeches on Monday, September 20....
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