Speech Final - Housing should be a basic human right. Good...

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“Housing should be a basic human right.” Good Afternoon everyone. I would like to start off the opposition by issuing a special thanks to Professor Tim Heisler for a great semester of debate and the opportunity to grow and learn how to effectively communicate with my peers. We'd also like to thank Robert Trapp, the Tournament Director and NPDA President, for his four years of fantastic service. Also, Renea Gernant, the NPDA Executive Secretary, and Brent Northup, the NPDA Treasurer. And, at a little more personal level, of course, the coaches who made all this possible are, Marty Birkholt and Susan Hellbusch. I look down like I needed to remember that. And also the volunteer coaches which made this possible as well Christy Collins and Patty Steck and Doug Switzer who are all very valuable to this program. And, in addition those members of the Creighton Administration, Father Mike Catera, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Charles Dougherty, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. MaryAnn Danielson who chairs the Department of Communication Studies, and, of course, Father Michael Morrison, the President of Creighton University. Point of Order : May you put your writing utensil down please. Answer : Certainly, my apologies, would you mind holding it for me? Thanks. The question at hand brought up by the government is whether or not we should sign and ratify the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of a Child. The definition for housing is suitable, considering we can all agree housing is a home. However, limiting basic human rights to just children is not what a basic human right is. A basic human right is something that effects all humans. If we were talking about basic children’s rights, then that would be one thing, but a basic human right is more rightfully defined as your unalienable rights, your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness or property. These are your basic human rights that a government cannot infringe on, and they affect everyone, not just children. Today however, we will discuss children, and what rights they should have, and what rights our parents should have, because children’s rights are dependent on their parents rights. Based on our definition, then we agree that housing is basic human right, and
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Speech Final - Housing should be a basic human right. Good...

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