Lecture 14 - Lecture 14 Prologue P.644.Troy he comes to...

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Lecture 14 10/20/09 Prologue P.644 “….Troy, he comes to Italy by destiny ”. P.645 a summary of the story itself; the patriarchic theme , the founding of Roman Empire. Virgil’s prologue compared to Homer’s prologue of Iliad ’s and The Odyssey ’s: Virgil is more elaborate; Homer is more precise. Rome is destiny; Aeneas has Odysseus-like qualities. The Aeneid starts off with The Odyssey -like motifs and then changes to The Iliad -like motifs. Aeneas’ reaction to the paintings of the Trojan horse, he is at odds with a character like Achilles. Prologue is different from The Iliad. Homer is focused on his character, but Virgil reminds people of background. Intertextuality – numerous references to The Iliad and The Odyssey in The Aeneid . 12 books. Aeneas’s travels remind us of Odysseus’s travels. The patriotic theme and the elegiac theme. Topos (Greek word for place)—in secondary epics, the change of geographical position (discordance from higher position to lower and rise to a higher position again) is very common. “Down over the city and facing towers. He looked up at the roofs. . ” Digression, story that strays off from the plot. Motif of tears , Aeneas bursts into tears (not only death of a friend but also art images). Ambivalence – Aeneas is always divided, he can’t fully be with Dido. “Stranger”, references to Odysseus.
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Lecture 14 - Lecture 14 Prologue P.644.Troy he comes to...

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