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Unformatted text preview: Why do we learn Why do we learn Vocabulary? Why do we learn vocabulary? Why do we learn vocabulary? • Help us become more sophisticated readers…so we • • understand fluently what we read. Help us understand words in context, to help us understand words we don’t currently know. Help us become more sophisticated writers, so we use a mature vocabulary and sound like adults in our word choices. For example: Unsophisticated: “He’s very sad and really gloomy.” More sophisticated: “He’s dejected and morose.” Week 1 Vocabulary Week 1 Vocabulary Work Due: Wed, Sept. 22 Quiz over Words: Fri, Sept. 24 Note that each week’s words will reappear on future tests… Greek & Latin Prefixes #1 Greek & Latin Prefixes #1 Directions: Using a dictionary, find three words that use the Prefix correctly. Write the word, the part of speech AND the definition. Do not use any of my sample words. 1. Ad­ • To 2. ­al • 3. Ambi­ 4. Ante­ 5. Anti­ • • – Ex: Addendum, Addition Relating to – Ex: Tangential, Normal Both – Ex: Ambulance, Ambient Before – Ex: Antediluvian, Antecedent • Against – Ex: Antitoxin, Antisocial This week’s Vocabulary Words This week’s Vocabulary Words Using the glossary on page 1003 of your text, please look up and write down the definitions and parts of the speech for each of these words. Then, write a meaningful sentence with context clues that show me you understand the meaning of each word. Underline the word within the sentence. • Habiliments • Disapprobation • Cessation • August • Piquancy ...
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