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Unformatted text preview: Week 4 Vocabulary Week Week 4 Greek & Latin Prefixes Week Directions: Using a dictionary, find three words that use the Prefix correctly. Write the word AND the definition. Do not use any of my sample words. Write 1. Ex1. Out Ex: Excommunicate 2. Hetero- Different Ex: Heterogeneous 3. Hypo- Too little, under Ex: Hypodermic 4. -ic Relating to Ex: Kinetic 5. -ile State/quality of Ex: Servile This week’s SAT Vocabulary Words This Using the information provided, please write down Using the definitions and parts of the speech for each of the provided SAT vocabulary words. the Then, write a meaningful sentence with context clues Then, that show me you understand the meaning of each word. each Underline the word within the sentence. SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Two SAT Heresy n. the crime of holding a belief that goes n. against established doctrine against Docile adj. easy to teach or manage libation n. a drink, especially an alcoholic one n. anathema n. 1. a hated repellant person or thing n. 1. 2. a formal curse SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Two SAT Banter n. teasing, playful conversation n. Castigate v. to criticize or punish severely Gauche adj. lacking social graces; tactless adj. Ignominy n. Public shame, disgrace, or n. dishonor dishonor SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Two SAT Motley adj. made up of dissimilar parts; adj. being of many colors being Emaciated adj. extremely thin; wasted extremely away away ...
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