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Unformatted text preview: Week 6 Vocabulary Week 1. Objectives: Help us become more sophisticated Help readers…so we understand fluently what we read. we 2. Help us understand words in context, to Help help us understand words we don’t currently know. currently 3. Help us become more sophisticated Help writers, so we use a mature vocabulary and sound like adults in our word choices. and WK 6 Greek & Latin Prefixes WK Write 3 Words & Definitions that Use Each Root 1. Macro 2. Micro 3. Milli- 4. Mis- 5. Mono- Large Ex: Macrofauna Small Ex: Micronesia Thousand Ex: Millisecond Bad, hate Ex: Misanthropic one Ex: Monocultural This week’s SAT Vocabulary Words Words Using the information provided, please write down Using the definitions and parts of the speech for each of the provided SAT vocabulary words. of Then, write a meaningful sentence with context Then, clues that show me you understand the meaning of each word. of Underline the word within the sentence. SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Four SAT bigot n. one who is intolerant of differences in n. others others expunge v. to erase or eliminate candid adj. outspoken; blunt adj. argot n. Special words or phrases used by a n. specific group of people specific SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Four SAT negligence n. careless neglect, often resulting n. in injury in appease v. to calm; to make satisfied (often to only temporarily) only strident adj. harsh sounding; grating adj. chaos n. complete disorder n. SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Four SAT augment v. to enlarge; to increase in v. amount or intensity amount jingoism n. extreme; chauvinistic extreme; patriotism, often favoring an aggressive, warlike foreign policy warlike ...
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