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week_19_vocabulary12 - Week 19 Vocabulary Week 1 Objectives...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 19 Vocabulary Week 1. Objectives: Help us become more sophisticated Help readers…so we understand fluently what we read. we 2. Help us understand words in context, to Help help us understand words we don’t currently know. currently 3. Help us become more sophisticated Help writers, so we use a mature vocabulary and sound like adults in our word choices. and This week’s SAT Vocabulary Words Words Using the information provided, please write down Using the definitions and parts of the speech for each of the provided SAT vocabulary words. of Then, write a meaningful sentence with context Then, clues that show me you understand the meaning of each word. of Underline the word within the sentence. SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Sixteen SAT pique v. to cause resentment; to provoke v. linguistics n. the scientific study of the the structure, sounds, and meaning of language structure, plebeian n. a commoner; one from the lower class; adj. common or vulgar class precocious adj. showing early development, adj. especially mental especially SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Sixteen SAT predatory prowess adj. inclined to prey on others adj. n. superior skill or ability pugnacious quarrelsome quarrelsome purloin adj. eager and ready to fight; adj. v. to steal v. SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Sixteen SAT pusillanimous quell adj. cowardly; fearful v. to put an end to; to allay or quiet quixotic adj. very idealistic; impractical; very caught up in romantic notions caught rabble n. a disorderly crowd, a mob SAT Vocabulary - Lesson Sixteen SAT rabid adj. raging; fanatical raconteur n. a person skilled at telling person stories stories vindictive a grudge grudge adj. seeking revenge; bearing seeking ...
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