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M2 answer - ANSWERS ACTIVITY 1 a i motor neurone ii...

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ANSWERS ACTIVITY 1 a) i) motor neurone ii) transmits nervous impulses from the brain or the spinal cord to an effector b) X : axon Y : dendrite c) muscle d) by contracting or relaxing e) endocrine glands ACTIVITY 2 a. X: medulla oblongata Y: cerebellum b. X: controls involuntary actions such as heartbeat Y: controls body balance c. It gives a larger area to hold grey matter d. optic nerve/ auditory nerve/ olfactory nerve e. spinal fluid f. i) oxygen ii) glucose g. The person will faint ACTIVITY 3 a. Sensory neurone b. i) It receives impulses from the receptor. ii) It sends impulse to the brain. c. The kinaesthetic senses. It helps in maintaining balance and body coordination. d. It involves a good sense of balance and coordination of many muscles to walk on such small cable. 1
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ACTIVITY 4 a) P: pituitary gland Q: thyroid gland R: adrenal glands S: pancreas T: ovaries b) By secreting hormones into the bloodstream. c) i. Pituitary gland ii. Its hormones control the functions of other endocrine glands such as the ovaries.
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