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MKT 421 Week 2 DQ 3-1 - interested in feminine products...

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What are the different types of buyers and consumers? Buyers and consumers can come in several types. Individuals, young people, middle-aged people, older people, males, females, families as a whole, or companies. How does the type of buyer or consumer affect marketing strategy? As part of your response, consider the characteristics of buyers and the factors that influence their purchasing decision. Marketing is aimed, or personalized toward a type of buyer, or to a wide variety of buyers. These buyers affect the marketing strategy. An example would be, if your company is marketing feminine products, the company would aim the marketing at females. Most men would not be
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Unformatted text preview: interested in feminine products. This makes the marketing be aimed at the female buyer. How can an organization ensure that their market strategy is appropriate for their target market? Gathering intelligence and surveys can help ensure that an organization is appropriately marketing for their target market. I have seen where marketing companies hire individuals to watch commercials and fill out questionnaires. This is often done at the mall. Marketing companies gain insight into the buyers mind by reviewing the questionnaires about the commercials and can adjust the advertising accordingly....
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