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Marketing Plan Phase One Team D

Marketing Plan Phase One Team D - Marketing Plan Phase One...

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Marketing Plan: Phase One 1 Marketing Plan: Phase One Katrina Linstrom, Korie Caplan, and Tracy Rich (Team D) MKT 421 Sheryl Joyner November 7, 2011 Marketing Plan: Phase One A marketing plan is a business document created to explain the marketing strategy and the current market position of a company. This paper is the first phase of the marketing plan for the new product introduced by Samuel Adams. The new product is a seasonal product during the fall and winter holiday season called Apfelkuchen Lager, translated Apple Pie Beer. Samuel Adams Samuel Adams is one of America’s leading brewers of handcrafted beers in America. Jim Koch, Harry Rubin, and Lorenzo Lamadrid in Boston, Massachusetts,
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Marketing Plan: Phase One 2 founded in 1984 proudly called an American Craft Brewer. The company is small, independent, and brew beer in the traditional way using a four-vessel brewing process. Samuel Adams brews more than 30 distinctive, award-winning flavors of beer. Although Samuel Adams is Americas largest selling craft beer, when in reality only accounts for less than one percent of the total beer sold in America. Made the same way John Koch’s great-great-grandfather has since the mid-1800s, Samuel Adam’s star beer is the Samuel Adams Boston Lager (The Boston Beer Company, 2011). “Samuel Adams is proud to be an American Craft Brewer. An American Craft Brewer is defined as being small, independent, and traditional” . In order to classify a brewer as small, the annual production of beer is less than six million barrels of production. As an independent, ownership is less than 25% control of the Craft Brewery by an alcoholic beverage industry member who is not themselves a Craft Brewer. Traditional means a brewer has either an all malt flagship or has at least 50% of its volume in either all malt beers or in beers which use adjuncts to enhance rather than lighten flavor . In 2007, Samuel Adams introduced a pint glass specially designed to enjoy the flavors of the Samuel Adams beers. The design of the pint glass is to keep the head of the beer, which will enhance the flavor by releasing the hops aroma. For those consumers buying Samuel Adams bottles at the stores, Samuel Adams packages their beer in dark colored bottles to prevent a loss of flavor and bitterness, which prolongs the life of the beer.
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