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IBUS 300-4_Nakshbendi(2) - Draft Fundamentals of...

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Draft Fundamentals of International Business, IBUS 300-004 Fall Semester 2011 Faculty Name: Ghiyath F. Nakshbendi Office Hours Location: KSB-12 Faculty E-mail : [email protected] Phone: 202.885.3268 Office Hours: Mondays (1-5 PM), Wednesdays (9-11 AM) and by Appointment -we can meet in person, via Wimba, Skype or any other similar tools-. Preferred contact (phone or e-mail): Both Course description A survey course focusing on the nature and scope of global trade and investment, the role of multilateral institutions including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Trade Organization (WTO), the international monetary system and exchange markets, and differences in national cultures in providing in the environment in which trade and investment take place. The course additionally focuses on the impacts that this environment has on the operating decisions of multinational enterprises, especially with respect to the development of global strategies and their effect on business functions such as management, marketing, finance, and operations. Prerequisite: completion of College Writing or English Competency requirement, and junior business major or MKTG-250. Learning objectives The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of the international environment in which firms operate and how this environment impacts firms’ decisions. To gain such an understanding, this course will cover topics such as the nature and scope of international trade and investment, the role of international institutions, how the international monetary system
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of international business. Required and recommended reading Required: Global Business Today by Charles W.L. Hill ( 7 TH Edition ) (includes interactive CD) . McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2010. ISBN:9780073381398 Supplemental readings and handouts (see syllabus) 3 Business Cases to be posted on Blackboard Recommended Reading : The Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Financial Times. Also, periodic website addresses. Grading Grades in the course will be based on the following factors: Class Participation: 10% Mid-term Exam: 20% 3-Cases , 4,3 and 3 points. . 10% Final Exam: 30% Global Business Plan Team Project: 30% o Group Paper 20% o Group Presentation 10% Class Participation (10%) Your class participation is critical for making this a rich learning environment. Participation includes a variety of factors such as: Attendance* : Everyone is expected to be on time and attend all classes. Reading the assigned material : The reading for this course is significant. All students are required to read all the material for each day. Prepare assigned discussion questions
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IBUS 300-4_Nakshbendi(2) - Draft Fundamentals of...

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