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Lab Assignment 1 Consider the following continuous function: ( ) cos fx x = 1. For 0:0.1:10 x = , plot a graph of the above function in MATLAB. Print the figure and submit it with the completed assignment. See the Lab1q1.m 2. Derive the second-order Taylor approximation by hand: 2 11 cos( ) ( ) cos( ) cos( ) sin( ) 2 i iii i x f xxx x hh ++ = ≈− Here, 1 () ii hx x + = 3. Open a new m-file and save as “LastNameLab1.m” (e.g., LeeLab1.m). Write an algorithm to get an estimate of (10) f starting from 0 i x = with the step size, 0.1 h = . Plot the graph and submit it
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