Homework 1 Problem 6 SuperPro Designer Aspirin


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Unformatted text preview: nents window. Save the case. Do not click the button in the upper right hand corner to close windows in SuperPro Designer™ or all changes will be lost. 11) Add a Reactor to the PFD from the Unit Procedure Batch Vessel Procedure in a Reactor menu. 12) Connect a feed and product stream to the reactor by clicking the Connect Mode button . Click once in the open PFD space to start an inlet stream and then double click the input port arrow to connect the stream. For an outlet stream, click on the outlet port arrow and then double click in the open PFD area to end the stream. The process flow diagram should now look like the one shown below: 13) Double click on the stream labeled S‐101. Add the reactants, salicylic acid and acetic anhydride using the add ingredient button or by double clicking the component name. With the Mass Composition radio button selected, enter 42.5% for acetic anhydride and 57.5% for salicylic acid. This is based on an equimolar ratio of the 2 ingredients. 14) At the bottom of the pa...
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