Homework 1 Problem 6 SuperPro Designer Aspirin


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Unformatted text preview: to simulate the batch process. Solution: 1) Open the SuperPro DesignerTM program and start a new process file. 2) Select “Batch Mode” and click OK. Note: SuperPro Designer™ uses a default annual operating time of 7,920 hours, which is the average pharmaceutical operating time per year. 3) To register the process components select Tasks → Pure Components from the toolbar. 4) Type acetic acid in the source box, highlight the appropriate component, in the center of the edit window. and click the Register button Note: If you add a component by mistake, click on the component number and delete the selection by clicking the delete button in the upper right hand corner of the Registered Pure Components box. 5) Components that are not found in the SuperPro Designer™ databank must be added into the simulation by the user and are therefore considered user define components. To enter a user defined component, click...
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