Homework 1 Problem 6 SuperPro Designer Aspirin

Repeatfor aceticanhydrideandaspirin 7

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Unformatted text preview: the Add a New Component button , which is in the upper right hand corner of the Registered Pure Components box. 6) The New Component Definition window will appear. Type in the component name salicylic acid, which will automatically fill in the subsequent naming regions of this window, click OK to close. Repeat for acetic anhydride, and aspirin. 7) Next, click on the number to the left of salicylic acid to highlight the row then click the edit component button. Select the Physical (Constant) tab and enter a MW of 138.11 g/mol with a normal boiling point of 211°C. 8) Open the Physical (T‐dependent) tab. In the density box, enter 1440 in box a, and 0 in box b. Click OK to save the changes and close the component window. 9) Repeat steps6 through 8 for acetic anhydride and aspirin using the following data: Acetic anhydride Aspirin MW (g/mol) BP (°C) Density (g/L) 102.1 139.8 1080 180.16 140 1400 10) Click OK to close the Register/Edit Pure Compo...
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