Homework 2 Problem 4 Process Conceptualization Using Patent Literature

Homework 2 Problem 4 Process Conceptualization Using Patent Literature

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Homework 2 Problem 4 Process Conceptualization Using Patent Literature and Web of Science Journal Articles 100 points possible due Friday September 9, 2011 Grader: Alan Read the article “New Wave of Coal to liquids,” May 2006 (International Journal for Energy and Heat Generation). Gasoline is produced from methanol as described briefly in the article. Read the article and go to the US Patent Office web site: http://www.uspto.gov/ and the Web of Science site ab=WOS to search for patents/patent applications and papers related to this technology. Go to the CU Library web site and read articles (from E Journal Finder) to learn more. http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/research/ejournalfinder.htm . (a) List Patent Number(s)/Patent Application Number(s), inventor names,
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Unformatted text preview: and patent/application titles from any relevant patents/applications (b) List journal articles that are relevant and describe key information. Journal articles need to be cited as Author(s), Title, Source (i.e. journal, page numbers, year) (c) Using this relevant information and Visio TM , develop a pseudo Process Flow Diagram (PFD) that includes as much information as possible concerning unit operations (reactors, heat exchangers, columns, absorbers, etc.) , temperatures, pressures, and a material balance (rough) on the basis of 43.715 kgmol/hr methanol and 3.3241 kgmol/hr water in the feed. The grading is based on the thought/effort put into the PFD and the referencing of the various steps (i.e. Why did you choose this process method? What reference was used to develop this step in the process?). This is an open ended problem and so you need to decide when to stop....
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