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Problem # 2 Exam 1 Pump Design

Problem # 2 Exam 1 Pump Design - o C is 2.5 psia The...

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Print Name: ______________________________________________ Problem # 2 (12 %) Pump Design A toluene (density = 54.3 lbm/ft 3 ) feed pump is used to pump toluene from a feed tank maintained at atmospheric pressure and 55 o C. The pump is located 6.56 ft below the liquid level in the tank. Friction and acceleration losses from the tank to the pump suction are considered negligible. The vapor pressure of toluene at 55
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Unformatted text preview: o C is 2.5 psia. The required Net Positive Suction Head to avoid cavitation is NPSH R = 15 psia. (1) (6%) Show all calculations and determine the available Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH A )? (2) (6%) It looks like the NPSH A is not sufficient. List 3 possible changes that we could make to this system in order to be able to use this pump for the process in order to avoid cavitation?...
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