Problem # 3 Exam 2 Current Events

Problem # 3 Exam 2 Current Events - before reaching the...

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Print Name: ______________________________________________ Problem # 3 (10 %) Current Events (1) (2%) The United States is overwhelmingly run by lawyers? In China, what professional degree does the vast majority of the ruling communist party have? (2) (2%) China controls nearly 100% of the production of strategic rare earth metals and rare earth metal oxides available in the world today. Almost 55% of the world demand for rare earths is in China, while the U.S. demand for rare earths is only about 8%. Why? (3) (2%) Seven people died from a recent industrial aluminum plant waste holding tank breach in Hungary in which 184 million gallons of toxic industrial waste were released. A similar, but larger waste holding tank breach occurred in the U.S. where 300 million gallons of industrial waste were released. Although there were no human casualties, sludge blackened 100 miles of waterways, polluted the water supply of more than a dozen communities and killed aquatic life
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Unformatted text preview: before reaching the Ohio River. The sludge was from what? (4) (2%) The heir apparent leader of the Communist Party to take the reins in 2011 has a degree in what discipline (1%)? He was also in charge of what major Chinese sponsored world event in 2008 (1%)? (5) (2%) China is flexing its economic muscle in many ways. In one way, China is essentially requiring foreign companies to share/divulge their IP with Chinese companies via joint ventures, etc. if the foreign company wants to take part in the growing Chinese market. For example, Honda, two weeks ago, became the first major auto company to agree to build hybrid electric vehicles in China and to share their hybrid IP with a Chinese state owned auto company. Give an example of how China will capture additional market share of high end – high value products by refusing to export rare earth metals and metal oxides that they control virtually 100% of?...
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