Problem # 6 Exam 1 Sequencing Idealized Separation Train

Problem # 6 Exam 1 Sequencing Idealized Separation Train -...

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Print N Problem When a p sequence develope use the tw into 7 ind (1) R (2) S d Calculate sequence pure prod Name:___ m # 6 (18% process strea es to evaluate ed to aid in th wo heuristic dividual stre Remove corro equence sep ifficult splits e the relative e of columns duct for sale ________ ) Sequenc am has multi e every poss he design of s below to d ams. osive compo paration poin s are made in e volatilities s and identify to meet hig ________ cing Idealiz iple compon sible one. Th f separation t design a train onents early nts in order o n the absenc and determi y componen h purity spe ________ zed Separa nents (P>4), t
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Unformatted text preview: herefore, a n trains. For th n of distillati in the seque of decreasing ce of the othe ine the order ts in all strea cifications. ________ ation Train there are too number of he he following ion columns ence (takes p g relative vo er componen r of the sepa ams. The c ________ o many distil euristics hav g system of 7 to split the 7 precedence) olatility so th nts rations. Des orrosive ma ________ llation colum ve been 7 componen 7 componen hat the most sign the aterial is a de _ mn nts, nts esired...
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