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Fall 2011 CHEN 4520 Homework # 7 & Part of HW # 8

Fall 2011 CHEN 4520 Homework # 7 & Part of HW # 8 -...

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Fall 2011 CHEN 4520 Homework # 7 & Part of HW # 8 (counts 1.5X) Due Wednesday, October 19 th , at 4:00 pm (electronic and hard copy) Vinyl Chloride Plant Simulation (reactors/heat exchangers/pumps/columns) will be graded by Alan Izar with 150 points possible. Limited Help: Limited help will be given by the TAs to clarify issues only. No help will be given to such issues as how to model the reactors, number of trays and reflux ratios for columns, etc., or the specifics of the simulation. All of the information needed to carry out the simulation is given in the text and problem statement. Follow the instructions closely per (a) and (b) below. Do NOT use any “magic separators” in the process. Distillation columns, reactors, etc. need to be modeled as such. Use the tutorials and Aspen Plus™ Help if needed. Give this your best shot! ------------------------------------------- Carry out an Aspen Plus™ (not HYSYS) simulation of the entire vinyl chloride process described in chapter 4 of the text. Pay close attention to Figures 4.7 and 4.8 on pages 91
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