Homework 3 Problem 3 Aspen Energy Analyzer HYSYS Heat

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Homework 3 Problem 3 Aspen Energy Analyzer™ HYSYS™ Heat Integration 20 points possible due Friday September 16, 2011 Grader: Israel 1) Open a new Aspen Energy Analyzer case. Add a new HI Case and click on the Process Stream Data Extraction From Simulation button . This will allow us to import a heat exchangers data from a pre-made HYSYS file. 2) Change the simulation file to Problem 5 by clicking the browse button and select the location of the saved file. Don’t change any other settings – just click Next until the case is completely loaded when you click the Finish button. This may take a few minutes. HYSYS will open the case during this process, you need to click Yes to open the file if prompted and then go back to Aspen Energy Analyzer. 3) In the Energy Analyzer, open the Targets window
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Unformatted text preview: and change the T min to 10 o C. 4) Open the Range Targets tab; plot the T min vs. Total Cost Index and Operating Cost Index. 5) Change the x-axis boundaries by right clicking and select Graph Control. Also, change the graph title to your name. 6) Also plot, T min vs. Total Cost Index and Capital Cost Index. 7) Print the plots or copy and paste them into MS Word to answer the following questions: 1. View the HYSYS Problem 3 file and the Energy Analyzer diagram for this process. How many process stream/process stream exchangers are there? How many process stream/utility stream heat exchangers are there? 2. At what T min is the total cost minimized? 3. What is the optimum T min ? Why? 4. Why would this kind of plot be helpful in plant design?...
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