Homework 3 Problem 6 Pump Design

Homework 3 Problem 6 Pump Design - with an eff 0.4 feet....

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Hom 60 p Prob Wate gal/m below betw entra is ass requ a b c. ework 3 P oints poss blem Statem er at 80 ˚ F an min from on w. The pipe een the pip ance, exit, a sumed cons ired net po . Calculate . Determin the wate The avail where ܲ i lb/ft 3 . The . Calculate maximum 3.5 feet a roblem 6 P sible due F ment: nd atmosph ne large op e diameter pe entrance and elbow a stant at 0.02 ositive sucti e the water ne the maxi r surface of able net pos is the water e maximum e the actual m height ab above the pu P Pump Desi Friday Sept heric pressu en tank to a throughou e and exit is are shown o 2. The pum on head, N velocity. imum heig f tank 1 wit itive suction ܰܲܵܪ ܲ vapor pressu value of z 1 w l head gain bove the wa ump. ݖ ൅݄ age 1 of 2 ign tember 16, ure is to be a second op t is 6 inches s 200 feet. M on the figur p operates PSH R , is 10 ht, z 1 , that t thout cavita n head, NPSH ௔௧௠ ߛ െݖ ure equal to will occur wh ed, h p , if th ater in tank ݖ ൅݂ ܦ ܸ , 2011 Grad pumped at pen tank as s and the to inor loss c re. The frict
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Unformatted text preview: with an eff 0.4 feet. the pump c ation occurr H A , is given 2 0.5069 psia hen e pump is l k 1. The wat 2 der: Israel t a rate of 1 s shown in t otal length o coefficients, tion factor f ficiency of 8 can be locat ring. by the equa at 80 F and . located at t ter surface 1,600 the figure of the pipe , K L , for the for the pipe 84% and th ted above ation is 62.22 he of tank 2 is e e he s Page 2 of 2 where is the pipe length and is the friction factor. d. Calculate the amount of head needed at the pump shaft. e. Calculate the power in horsepower needed to drive the pump. 1.818E 3 hp = 1 lb*ft/s Only use one significant figure after the decimal place....
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Homework 3 Problem 6 Pump Design - with an eff 0.4 feet....

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