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Homework 3 Problem 6 Pump Design

Homework 3 Problem 6 Pump Design - with an eff 0.4 feet the...

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Hom 60 p Prob Wate gal/m below betw entra is ass requ a b c. ework 3 P oints poss blem Statem er at 80 ˚ F an min from on w. The pipe een the pip ance, exit, a sumed cons ired net po . Calculate . Determin the wate The avail where ܲ i lb/ft 3 . The . Calculate maximum 3.5 feet a roblem 6 P sible due F ment: nd atmosph ne large op e diameter pe entrance and elbow a stant at 0.02 ositive sucti e the water ne the maxi r surface of able net pos is the water e maximum e the actual m height ab above the pu P Pump Desi Friday Sept heric pressu en tank to a throughou e and exit is are shown o 2. The pum on head, N velocity. imum heig f tank 1 wit itive suction ܰܲܵܪ ܲ vapor pressu value of z 1 w l head gain bove the wa ump. ݖ ൅݄ age 1 of 2 ign tember 16, ure is to be a second op t is 6 inches s 200 feet. M on the figur p operates PSH R , is 10 ht, z 1 , that t thout cavita n head, NPSH ௔௧௠ ߛ െݖ ure equal to will occur wh ed, h p , if th ater in tank ݖ ൅݂ ܦ ܸ , 2011 Grad pumped at pen tank as s and the to inor loss c re. The frict
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Unformatted text preview: with an eff 0.4 feet. the pump c ation occurr H A , is given ܸ ଶ 2݃ ෍ ܭ ௅ െ 0.5069 psia hen ܰܲܵܪ ஺ e pump is l k 1. The wat ݃ ൅ ܸ ଶ 2݃ ෍ ܭ der: Israel t a rate of 1 s shown in t otal length o coefficients, tion factor f ficiency of 8 can be locat ring. by the equa െ ܲ ௩ ߛ at 80 ˚ F and ൌ ܰܲܵܪ ோ . located at t ter surface ܭ ௅ 1,600 the figure of the pipe , K L , for the for the pipe 84% and th ted above ation γ is 62.22 he of tank 2 is e e he s Page 2 of 2 where ℓ is the pipe length and ݂ is the friction factor. d. Calculate the amount of head needed at the pump shaft. ݄ ௦ ൌ ݄ ௣ ߟ e. Calculate the power in horsepower needed to drive the pump. Ẇ ௦௛௔௙௧ ൌ ߛ݄ܳ ௣ ߟ 1.818E ‐ 3 hp = 1 lb*ft/s Only use one significant figure after the decimal place....
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Homework 3 Problem 6 Pump Design - with an eff 0.4 feet the...

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