Boiling Point Questions - dibromoethylene will not move...

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Questions 1. The boiling point of a liquid is where the molecules are in equilibrium in regard to liquid and gas states. Therefore, the liquid is not boiling where there is only liquid but where the liquid molecules are turning into gas molecules and vice versa. This location is in the reflux ring above the liquid not in the bottom. 2. Yes. First, acetic acid is miscible in water while the other three are not very soluble at all. Therefore, this one would be easily identifiable. Also, while cyclodecane is less dense than water, trans-1,2-dibromoethylene and cis-1,2-dichlorethylene are more dense. So, when doing part II, the mixture who’s top layer doesn’t dissolve the salt is the mixture with cyclodecne. Finally, the trans molecule’s individual bond dipoles will largely cancel each other out while the cis molecule’s bond dipoles won’t. Therefore, trans-1, 2-
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Unformatted text preview: dibromoethylene will not move towards the charged pole while cis-1,2-dichloroethylene will. 3. Fructose has a good solubility in water and so it would affect both the melting point and boiling point. Like any substance that dissolves in another, its dissolving lowers that mole fraction of the solvent (water in this case) and consequently the vapor pressure above the liquid is decreased. Because of this, the temperature where the vapor pressure of the solid equals the vapor pressure of the liquid (the melting point) is decreased. Meanwhile, since the vapor pressure of the liquid mixture is lower than that of a pure compound. This makes it more difficult to overcome the atmospheric pressure and boil. In conclusion, the freezing/melting point of a fructose water solution would lower while the boiling point would rise....
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Boiling Point Questions - dibromoethylene will not move...

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