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Boiling Point Discussion

Boiling Point Discussion - Patrick Browne Chem 3AL Sec 102...

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Patrick Browne Chem 3AL Sec. 102 Whittling Down the Possibilities: Identifying an Unknown Using Dipole Moment, Solubility, Density and Boiling Point Data During the course of this lab, my partner and I were able to systematically eliminate possible solutions to our unknown compounds and come up with an answer for what they were. We were given the F sequence and my partner did 1 and 2 while I did 3 and 4. In part 1 we dropped a sample of the liquid next to a charged rod to see if it had a dipole. While 1F did not move towards the pole, 4F and 3F showed a profound movement, and 4F did move but not as much as 2 and 3. This told my partner and I that 1F didn’t have a dipole, 2F and 3F did, and 4 probably had a small one. At this point we had only eliminated about half of the possible solutions. In Part 2 we mixed a sample of the liquid with water to see if they dissolved. 2F did dissolve but all three of the others formed a separate layer and did not dissolve. At
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