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Unit 11 Ecology 1. "How does the foraging of animals on tree seeds affect the distribution and abundance of the trees?" This question a. is a valid ecological question. b. is difficult to answer because a large experimental area would be required. c. is difficult to answer because a long-term experiment would be required. d. A and B only e. A, B, and C are correct. 2. Which of the following levels of organization is arranged in the correct sequence from most to least inclusive? a. community, ecosystem, individual, population b. ecosystem, community, population, individual c. population, ecosystem, individual, community d. individual, population, community, ecosystem e. individual, community, population, ecosystem 3. Ecology as a discipline directly deals with all of the following levels of biological organization except a. population. b. cellular. c. organismal. d. ecosystem. e. community. 4. You are working for the Environmental Protection Agency and researching the
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