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Research Assistant Questionnaire Please fill out the information below and return it to me. I will contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss the current projects in the lab and your interests in being a research assistant. Contact information : 1. Name: 2. Phone: 3. Email: Academic information: 4. Year: 5. Major/Minor: 6. GPA: 7. Graduate school interests/future plans: Research interests and experience : 8. What semester(s) would you like to participate in the lab (Fall, Spring, Summer)? Preference is given to students who can participate in the lab for at least two consecutive semesters due to time-intensive training. 9. Do you want to volunteer as a research assistant or obtain DIS credit(s)? If you want to
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Unformatted text preview: volunteer, how many hours are you interested in? If you are interested in DIS credits, how many credits would you like to sign up for? 10. Why are you interested in being a research assistant in my lab? 11. Do you have any previous research experience? If yes, what research projects were you involved in, what were your responsibilities, and with whom did you work? What did you enjoy most about your research experience? If “not, what research activities are you interested, and what do you think you will enjoy most about the research process? 12. What, if any, interactions have you had with older adults? Thinking About Life Experiences (TALE) Lab Department of Psychology...
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